Custom Built Computers

Why should I get a computer built from scratch instead of buying one off the shelf from a retailer?

Whether you’re a gamer looking for high end performance, a small business owner requiring consistency and stability or a home user wanting reliability and functionality; we can custom build a computer for your needs.

  • Quality Parts

    A retail PC may have a branded logo you recognize on the front panel, but who makes the actual parts inside the machine? From week to week, a manufacturer may switch OEM suppliers for the motherboard, ram, hard drive, cd/dvd drive, and other components, all to get the best deal (for them) for that assembly line run of machines. Who knows what’s inside?!

  • No Junk Software

    Once you buy a retail pc, you soon realize one of the reasons it was so cheap. Manufacturers load their computers with their ‘partners’ software. They get kickbacks for installing trial software and junkware throughout these brand new computers. Why spend good money on a brand new computer that is already out of the box slower than it should be because of all the added software/ads?

  • Case Design

    As well as sourcing the best parts for your new computer, we also help you pick out a computer case that you will love. Whether you’re looking for a sleek black rig with a window on the side, or a small compact white case for a Home Theatre PC, there is a case out there for you. A retail computer case doesn’t give you much selection and typically they leave no room for expansion.

If you’re interested in having a computer custom built for you or your business, please contact us with any details you can provide and we will get in touch asap.

Foster PC uses

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